06 July 2011

Gatorade G Series Fit

G Series Fit product line

Hey guys, I'm back! I have a few fun giveaways and product reviews for you all coming up. Today, I'll be reviewing Gatorade's new G Series Fit products. I was contacted by a representative asking if I'd like to try them out. I said yes, and received the three items shown above. However, I've tried each flavor in each category before this review, so my knowledge extends beyond the three varieties above.

Relatively new from Gatorade, the G Series Fit target audience is the everyday athlete like you and me. The line has a prime, perform, and recover product that you eat or drink before, during, and after a workout to fuel workouts and maximize recovery. Overall, I liked the entire line, but the downside to everything is the price. I can recreate my own versions for much less, and I'll explain why and how I came to this conclusion throughout the review.

G Series Fit 01 Prime

The first product is the Prime Energy Bites, consisting of four individually wrapped mini bars. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you eat just one or all four bars. The ingredient list is pretty short, and for the most part are ingredients you probably already eat, like almond butter, oats, fruits and nuts. There are a few other preservative type ingredients as well. Each bite has 50 calories and about 6 grams of carbohydrates. There are three different flavors to try, Cranberry Pistachio, Banana Chocolate, and Raisin Flax. The flavors were all good and they aren't too sweet. The texture reminds me of a nougat.

The downside is the price. Unlike an energy gel (containing about 100 calories per serving) or energy bar, each Prime pack costs $2.50, not very practical if you're on a budget. One might as well eat a handful of almonds and dried fruit. Considering that each bite has only 50 calories, you really aren't going to receive much benefit from one bar alone. For whatever reason (like, dyslexia), I thought each bar contained 200 calories. I was pretty excited until I read the serving size info more closely. Unless I found these on sale, I'm not sure I'd buy them again.

The G Series Fit Perform line offers flavors unique from the traditional Gatorade we all know, such as Acai Blueberry, Mango Passion Fruit, and Melon Pear. Unlike the other Gatorade, I don't have to dilute this one. It's light, flavorful, and each 16 ounce bottle tops out at 20 calories.

Like the bars, though, the downside is the price. Coming in at $1.79 a bottle, it's pricy compared to traditional Gatorade. I can buy a bottle of the regular 32 ounce Gatorade and dilute it, getting more per serving than from one bottle of the G Series Fit Perform.

Lastly, we have the Recovery protein smoothie. Each 11 ounce serving has around 110 calories, 2 grams of fat, 13 grams total carbs, 10 of which come from sugars, and 12 grams of protein. I like the protein content, which is equivalent to two eggs, and the sugar is relatively low. So are the calories. I usually try to get a bit more post workout, but if you're watching your caloric intake you will like it. The three flavors are Strawberry Banana, Mango Pineapple, and Mixed Berry. The texture is thin, and you might find it a little watery.

I felt that the packaging on this was a bit deceptive. It says natural flavor and has a percentage of real fruit juice, but those juices are apple and banana, not the actual flavor of the smoothie. It would be like making a mango smoothie, only with apples, bananas, and mango extract. Each bottle is $3.79, making it the priciest item of the lot. These would make for a good post workout drink to have on hand if you're busy, though.

Overall, I like the concept of the line. I felt the flavors were good, and might occasionally pick up the items if I saw them on sale. It's always nice to have another option available to try when you're at the store.

To try them out for yourself, you can find the G Series Fit line at Walgreens.


  1. Elvis (I am alive)06 July, 2011 19:49

    Yaaaaay, you're back!

  2. I've actually been really curious about this line for a little while. I'm trying out a line of coconut water at the moment, but I'm still curious about the G, especially the nutrition bars. Thanks for posting this, heart! <3

  3. Does it come in :APPLE:? Can :APPLE: eaters win this?

  4. You always do the best product reviews! I'd love to try their new products sometime.

  5. I've been wanting to try them. Thanks for the review. :) I agree they are kinda expensive. But seems like everything now days. Glad you are back! I enjoy reading your blog and miss it when you don't post. :)

  6. Thanks for the review! I have seen the G Series Fit Perform drink but didn't really know what it was. Sounds like it is similar to their G2 drink, which I like. I will have to give it a try!

  7. I agree with the pricing on the Gatorade post workout drink! I saw them at Target for the first time yesterday and was shocked t how small and how much they were. As for bars, they sound a bit like Lara bars (which you can make your self as well with a food processor). Thanks for the info!!

  8. I love the G Series Pro line. The post-workout drink is expensive, but it's supposed to be two servings and to me it tastes way better than similar products like Muscle Milk.


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