15 July 2011

Celebrate 75 Years with Goya Foods

Goya Foods is the leading Hispanic-owned companies, specializing in authentic Latino foods and ingredients. They distribute over 1,500 high-quality food products from every region of Latin America and Spain. Thanks to Goya's dedication to quality, you can be assured that using their products will liven up any meal you make.

To celebrate its 75th birthday, Goya has created a birthday extravaganza - Match Your Birthday! Game. It consists of an online game, on-pack game, mail-in sweepstakes and Goya's Greatest Fan video/photo/essay contest. In total, there are ten different opportunities for participants to potentially win $75,000! Consumers can also receive a special Goya 75th Birthday Gift Pack just by playing either the online or - on-pack game. Click the link to learn more.

75th Anniversary Series Goya® Recipe Booklets

Goya gave me a complete boxed set of six (6) Special Edition, 75th Anniversary Series Goya® Recipe Booklets. Each booklet features a different Latin cuisine and is written in both English and Spanish. The recipes look fantastic, and I can't wait to cook something from one of them soon.

baked sweet potato taquitos

Meanwhile, f you'd like to try a recipe with Goya now, take a look at my Baked Sweet Potato Taquitos.

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