27 April 2011

Foodbuzz & Barilla Trip to Italy Contest

Foodbuzz and Barilla pasta are partnering up to host a trip to Italy contest. The requirement to enter is to come up with a recipe using Barilla tortellini as the pasta, then submit your proposal to Foodbuzz for a chance to be one of the 6 finalists. If I make it, I'll have the chance to create my idea and enter it for the grand prize, a trip to Italy!

Barilla prides itself on creating authentic pasta made from all-natural ingredients, and I would love to use their tortellini as the canvas for my creation. I like entering contests like these because it pushes me to be creative and think outside my repertoire. For example, I was considering a tomato-based sauce, but I do that often when I create pasta recipes. So my idea for this contest is to create a toasted walnut and roasted garlic cream sauce. Nuts in pesto taste good with pasta, so I'm using that component in a different way. I think that the nuttiness from the walnuts would pair well with the roasted garlic, both of which would compliment the flavor of the tortellini. The cream sauce wouldn't be too heavy because I don't want it to be too overwhelming in its richness. Fresh basil would garnish the top for color contrast and added flavor.

I'm going to stop before I make myself even more hungry. How do you like your pasta?

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  1. I was a little dubious when I first started reading about your sauce because I like tomato based sauces on my pasta, nearly the the exclusion of all others. But that actually sounds pretty good; I think it was the garlic that won me over.


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