04 January 2011

new Emergen-C Dragon Fruit review

Emergen-C Dragon Fruit review

I got these Emergen-C packets in the mail back in December and saved it to review in depth later. The packet says that "You're among the first on the planet to taste!" Their new flavor is dragon fruit, which the packet says is exclusively at Whole Foods, and besides offering a wealth of vitamin c, I'm going to discuss this beverage in a different light.

Emergen-C Dragon Fruit review

If you're unfamiliar with Emergen-C, they come in individual packets that make it easy to transport wherever you go. You can vary the amount of water to suit your tastes, making it more shot-like with 2 ounces or up to 6 ounces. I used 2/3 cup which is less than 6 ounces, though had I used more the flavor would have been thinner.
The flavor tasted a bit like strawberry and pomegranate, and pleasant. When you look at the ingredients, strawberry fruit powder is third on the list. I'm not entirely sure what dragon fruit tastes like, though I tasted other flavors more and so did my brother. The texture of the drink is smooth and it mixes up well. It fizzes at first, then settles down.

As I said above, this particular flavor is available at Whole Foods, though I'm unsure of the price. Emergen-C is contributing 10¢ per box to Whole Planet Foundation®. To learn more click here for their Facebook page, and click on the "whole planet" tab.

Each packet contains 20 calories, 5 grams of carbohydrates, all from sugar. There are also a wealth of B vitamins, and B vitamins have been known to give you energy. Included is 200 mg's of potassium, which are known to help replace lost electrolytes and 60 mg's of sodium. Does this sound familiar? It almost sounds like an energy drink. Two summers ago I used to mix up a glass of Emergen-C about 10-15 minutes prior to a run. Because you drink all of it at once, opposed to sips throughout a workout as you do with the energy drink, the vitamins and minerals get into your system before you head out. I figured this might help me as I ran if I already had some stuff in my system, particularly the sodium. I'm not sure how much of everything actually gets processed into your system, but I imagine it's enough to help. Since I wasn't working out longer than an hour and a half most of the time, it wasn't normal for me to drink anything on runs. I did feel less drained afterward when I drank Emergen-C before running compared to when I did it, so it's worth a try.

What are your favorite workout drinks?

Emergen-C Dragon Fruit review



  1. Did it taste good?

    What was the texture like? It looks kind of gritty or 'non-homogeneous.'

    Is it expensive?

  2. I like to eat Emergen-C plain. I open it up, pour some on my tongue, let it foam and make crinkley noises, swallow, and repeat. I picked up the habit when I was a kid. It tastes too thin when I add water.

  3. Jogger ~ Thank you, and edited.

    Rose ~ Ooh, I wonder what Emergen-C tastes like on ice cream.

  4. I never thought of using Emergen-C pre or post workout. I usually just use it before a big race when I start to get paranoid that I'm sick.

  5. Yum!

    Happy New Year, Christina!

  6. Ooh I totally love Emergen-C! Whenever I'm starting to feel under the weather, I make some and feel better quickly! And um, if you drink a big glass before drinking a lot of alcohol, you'll feel much better in the morning :) The Dragon Fruit flavor sounds absolutely awesome!


  7. I've heard this stuff works wonders. I'm going to try it the next time I get sick. (Hopefully I won't, though.) :)

  8. Jess ~ Definitely wouldn't hurt!

    Esther ~ Back at you!

    We Are Not Martha ~ Hehe thanks for the tip! I know some people I should pass that along to. =D

    Emily ~ I say use it preemptively in an attempt to ward off sickness.

  9. I love love love this. A little pricey but wayyyy worth it. Helps with periods. I go from a blobby lazy slop to being somewhat perky and energetic.


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