28 November 2010

Weekly Mileage

Total: 20

I stuck to my plan from last week to run 4 times. I ended up going 5, 4, 4, and 7. I meant to do 6 and 6, but when I ran the five it was getting dark and I didn't feel like staying out in it for very long.

Pretty much I didn't want to go on any of these runs because I was expecting it to feel worse than it did, so I'm glad I sucked it up. Only a few were cold and windy, with an unusual warm run on 7. And when I say warm I mean that it was 40-ish with 7 mph winds. Not bad for winter. I'm thinking next week I'll run 20 again, but nothing longer than 6. Maybe two five milers, a four miler, and a six miler. I'm still working my way up, but want to make sure I get comfortable running 4-6 milers before I add in anything close to 10 or any form of speed work. And also because, really, who wants to stay out in the cold? I'm also not feeling as tired after a run, though I'm a bit surprised at that for a different reason other than regaining my fitness. Overall, though, things are looking good.



  1. glad to hear running is looking up for you!!!

  2. This is inspiring...I've been really slacking the past 2 weeks. It is so hard for me to run in the winter!!

  3. For the record, winter starts 21 December.

    Good job on the running, though.


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