21 November 2010

Weekly Mileage

Total: 16

I only ran thrice, 6, 4, and 6. I meant to add another 4 miler in but I wussed out on running in the dark. It's actually not so bad. The good part is that it was probably better to keep the mileage low, so next week I'll do repeat but with the missing 4 miler.

The reason why I could still tell that I'm out of shape, even though the pace wasn't too difficult at all, is that a 6 miler, post run, feels the same as a 10 miler used to. I want to drink nothing but milk, my stomach gets a bit queasy, and I feel tired. Eventually I'll readjust again. (For some reason, I'm reading 'readjust' as 'read and just'.)

One bad habit I fall into during cold-weather running is to start out too fast the first mile. I do this to warm up, and it ends up ruining the run. I need to start warming up indoors first, or going on a short warm up.

Since I run in New Balance 100s, which is a trail racing flat, I'm looking forward to seeing if they work better in the snow than regular running shoes.

Things I want:

A running jacket. I have a fleece zip up jacket that really helps block the wind, but it's shrunk a bit and makes every shirt I wear underneath ride up and bunch. Bothersome. I'd like this.

Running gloves. I bought some from Target, fleece-lined, but it remains to be seen how warm they really are.


  1. 1. I appreciate your use of 'thrice'.
    2. I appreciate the NB 100; think I'll grab a pair of them or the 101 next time I'm in The States (or maybe I'll wait 'till March to look at the Minimus).
    3. That feeling you described is the same one I had following my 7.8mi run the other weekend. Not my fav' feeling, but at least it lets you know you did something.
    4. I might have to get some gloves at some point. Cold hands are no bueno.

  2. 1. Thank you.
    2. The NB 100s are no longer in existence. I missed the opportunity to buy a pair before my size was out, so now I'll have to go with the 101s. The Minimus look interesting, though I read one reviewer mention something about the heel ratio.
    3. True. It's not the worst feeling in the world
    4. Once my hands get cold to the point of no return, it's game over.

  3. 2. As I'm making the shift again to barefoot/minimal running, the big things I'm looking for in my "traditional" running shoe are less toe drop, more room in the toe box, less arch support, more flex in the sole. A thin sole with less cushion and more ground feel is bonus points.

  4. If your hands are cold, put on a hat.


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