26 July 2010

River Run 10k Race Report

River Run 10k

This actually took place, um, last Saturday? I don't know. But it completely crapped me out, probably both mentally and physically. I mean, I'm not brooding over it kind of Prozac mental, it just kind of made me really tired. If you've been keeping up with my Daily Mile, I think I've only run once or twice since then. Apparently, I took last week easy.

I have a habit of picking races with inappropriate names. For example, this race course ran along the lake, not the river.

The temperature was bad with a humidity percentage of fail. The shaded sections were nice and breezy, but the contrast of the coolness of the shade with the inappropriate sun beaming down on your skin was terrible.

Mile 1 - 7:43
May have been too fast. There was a really steep downhill and I didn't make sure to slow down after it ended.

Mile 2 - 7:56
That's more like it.
River Run 10k

My brother ran the 5k. Hello, brother!

Mile 3 - 9:20
I forgot how bad that hill was, exactly. It slowly steeped up, then suddenly was completely almost vertical. I AM NOT KIDDING ABOUT THAT. I never really recovered.

Also, running on a brick road is ridiculous and I can see now why Dorothy chose to skip along down the freaking yellow brick road instead of running. Never mind that she was wearing heels.

Mile 4 - 8:20
I guess this was getting better.

Mile 5 - 9:45
This was the point where I mentally checked out. I got passed by a few people, and passed some people, and kept other people in my line of sight, but that was all I was able to do.

Mile 6.2 - 9.59
Works out to an 8.18 pace. I really had nothing left except to make sure I didn't get passsed by anyone. This was successful. I saw some of the 5k walkers walking three in a row. There was a gap between one of them, and I momentarily considered running between the gap, though I did not.

River Run 10k

Total - 53:05

My slowest race this year. I feel I paced this terribly, and I didn't take the heat and course conditions into account. I did place 4th in my AG group, and I've never placed top 5 here so I'm happy about that. I wasn't really looking for a PR, but I wanted a time close to what I got at the Sunburst, which is why I didn't like my results here. However, it was a slow race for everyone, though that isn't much of a consolation for me.

River Run 10k

The Skipper presented me with my age group medal!

In the end, it's all Al Gore's fault. And if you ran the 5k, YOU DID NOT NEED TO TAKE ALL THE GATORADE, LEAVING NONE FOR ME. Thanks for nothing. Maybe my brother took one, but he let me have some.



  1. "brooding over it kind of Prozac mental"

    lmao, I like that

  2. Yikes! I'm glad you're not downing mood stabilizers to handle the aftermath of this race. It sounds like it would have drained me physically and mentally too. Now, go eat some of your delicious cookies!

  3. OK, I'm sorry but this was really funny. I'm sure I was getting beat up by the heat doing whatever I was doing, so I feel your pain. But I cant help laughing.

    The Skipper.....lol

  4. Aww you're way too hard on yourself. You did awesome!

  5. Aw, that's a bummer. I know the letdown that comes with not meeting a race goal. As a result I tend to make my goals too easy, which doesn't really solve the problem becuase even if I meet it, I'm not that ecstatic. I have to really blow it out of the water to feel as though I really accomplished something. You still did 10x better than I would have done, so GO you!! :)

  6. Dorothy is a wise woman. :) Great to meet you the other day!

    Allison Graber


  7. hehe, love the part about dorothy ;) Sorry to hear you didn't feel your best, but placing in your age group is awesome!! gongrats :)


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