07 July 2010

Coming Soon: Wayfair Product Review

Hey again. Just a little teaser to let everyone know that I'll be reviewing a product (not chosen, at the moment) from Wayfair. I was contacted by the Wayfair team asking me if I'd like to work with them again, and since my experience in hosting a review and giveaway has been pleasant, I took them up on it.

If you haven't heard of them, Wayfair is like a mega-store, but on the internet. They sell items ranging from cookware, home furnishings, and bedroom furniture like twin beds and more, all adding up to 200+ stores located conveniently on one site. Take a look the next time you feel like shopping from home.

Wayfair also is active in the community side of things, and takes great pride in being able to do what they can for those who need help, which is pretty cool coming from a company like this.

So stay tuned and come back later to check out the review. If I can decide what it will be...

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