29 August 2009

chicken satay

"No more spoons! Use your hands!" Says the charming schnitzel man!

Gosh, how I love that movie. And how I love chicken on a stick. In fact, many people like to eat with their hands, so you would probably enjoy satay, which is usually made by skewering raw chicken onto wooden skewers before cooking.

The marinade consists of yogurt, five spice powder, salt, raw garlic, cilantro, and possibly something else, but since I can't find the notebook I took notes in I'm not entirely certain.

Zucchini strips.

Orange peanut sauce.

Chicken skewered with a zucchini slice. The bummer part is that I should have blanched the strips because they kept breaking and falling apart as I was skewering them.

FIRE -- a necessary element. Half of the peanut sauce goes to baste the chicken strips.

Remember the zucchini strips? Many of them went as a sacrifice to the flames. And many of the skewers burnt to a crisp, although I soaked them for quite a while.

This is just beautiful stuff, right here.

Now, I don't like eating with my hands. They get all messy, I start up feeling claustrophobic, reaching for anything dry and soft to wipe my hands on, I just cannot unleash the inner kid that I keep locked away in the depths of my soul.

Balancing the chicken, here we have a simple cucumber-tomato salad with a miso vinaigrette. I believe I keep saying I will blog about the vinaigrette, and I will. Eventually.

Salad, chicken on a stick with orange peanut sauce and cilantro, and jasmine rice.


  1. I'm totally making this for dinner this weekend! Looks amazing!

  2. How did you know we're all hand eaters? I think it's all because of elementary school lunches and sandwiches. Finger foods are just better :)

    Love the charred goodness on the chicken, that's just perfect.

  3. love how you weaved the zucchini with the chicken skewers :)

  4. Sarah ~ Prepare to be the rockstar! Chicken on a stick has that effect =D

    Adam ~ Because I am a cookie-baking Oracle, heheh!

    Shannon ~ Thanks! It didn't go over so well as the zucchini strips broke while I tried to weave them. Probs needed to be blanched first or something.

  5. I love this take on Chicken Satay. Going to add it to a menu for later in the week.


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