08 August 2008

Whole Wheat Potato Bread

My bread-of-the-moment appears to be Rustic Potato Bread. I wanted to make it soon after the first time so I could play around with the dough. I've gotten a better idea on how slack this dough should be (not as slack as I was making it), and I subbed one cup of the bread flour for high gluten whole wheat flour. It tasted great, with a pleasant nuttiness that didn't negatively affect the finished texture of the dough, and it paired well next with the potato, but it took away the buttery essence that the first bread had. I plan to make this often, alternating between the whole wheat and regular variations.




  1. You're such a good bread baker! Is that your thing? Maybe you should have a bread bakery.

    Potato bread sounds so delicious right now.

  2. Holy cow, baby's got bread! I think you've really got a skill for bread making. That has the perfect crust and rise and everything.

    I have a mission for you. Flax seed bread. I think you could just run away with the idea :)

  3. I really need to work with whole wheat more. This sounds wonderful.

  4. Oh my, i'd like a slice please!!!

    This bread is right up my alley!! It looks amazing!!!


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