20 August 2008

Double Vision

You are seeing what you think you're seeing, yet another post about steak. I don't have much to say this time except that I have diagnosed myself with a condition that causes me to become increasingly anxious and highly irrational as to whether or not I cooked the steak rare enough. Pretty soon, I'll only be searing the meat for ten seconds on either side.

On another note, if you go back a page you'll notice that the pictures aren't showing up. The allotted bandwith of my previous Photobucket account was exceeded for the month, so I'm working on uploading the pictures to another account and editing the posts.



  1. I've heard about that condition... it's called OC-Steak Disorder. I think you'll be ok, as long as you heat the meat at least a little bit.

    If you start making steak ice cream or have a desire to chew grass for hours on end... you might want to see your doctor :)

  2. You are too funny! I don't blame you for wanting your steak rare. What's your favorite kind of steak?

  3. Your steak looks perfect and juicy! What kind of spices do you usually add to your steaks?

  4. Adam - Hm, steak ice cream... You've got me thinking! =p

    Emiline - I don't eat steak often, usually when it goes on sale, so I like to get a sirloin, strip, or a less tender cut as long as I marinate it long enough and cook it rare enough.

    Steph - I try to keep it simple, just olive oil, kosher salt, black pepper, paprika, or I make my own Emeril's Baby Bam seasoning and sprinkle that on with some extra salt.
    Another idea is to finely dice garlic and smear that on the steaks as it marinates, and to grate lemon or lime rind on top for a change-of-pace flavor.


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