25 February 2008

The Panettone That Couldn't

The following took place on Christmas Eve of December 2007.

Three years ago (2005), I made my first panettone from The Bread Book by Linda Collister and Anthony Blake. Looking back on it, my success was due in part to constant bread baking despite being a beginner, and going into it with no apprehension because I was a beginner. Basically, beginner's luck. This time, however, wasn't quite like that first, successful experience.

The deep, yellow hue is because of the many egg yolks in the recipe. This is an extremely rich bread.

After the butter was kneaded in.

Kneading in the sultanas.

A somewhat sticky, otherwise smooth ball of dough.

Fast-forward past the first two risings, the dough is re-shaped into a ball and placed in the greased 1 gallon coffee tin.

After it has risen, the dough is slashed and a pat (to be technical, a tablespoon) of butter is pushed ¾ of the way into the middle.

You would think that I'd be stoked at the incredible rise and magnificent, Everest-like grandeur of my panettone, but just wait until...

What you are seeing is what I prefer to call "Epic Failure". I'm thinking it wasn't cooked long enough to stabilize, which was evident by the soggy innards. Sigh. The only way to fix it was to place it on a baking sheet and continue to bake it.

The resulting texture was dry and straw-like, though still buttery and decently flavored. I can't even describe the texture of the crust.

In the end, I noted what went wrong so at least I came away with answers to any questions that may arise in the future. Despite the epic failure, it was still enjoyed by one and all.

And to all, a goodnight.


  1. Oh no! What a disappointment! Oh, and it looked so beautiful in the can. I did not see that fall coming.

  2. but it looked delicious to me!!! i could definitely eat the entire thing all for myself :-)

  3. oh, darn! But.... bet it was still very tasty~


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