15 October 2007

Long Time No Post and My Brother Made Apple Crumb

To address the former, I was a little tired by ralking (Christina-speak for running and walking -- I'm so glad that R comes before W in the alphabet or else it would have been wunning, which sounds all sorts of wrong) and then I was indisposed last week with a cold. That means I slipped a bit on my healthiness and I became susceptible to viruses of the URI variety. So I'll fix that. And I need to try to maintain a biweekly posting schedule.

The latter part: My awesome brother (he is awesome, I'm not just saying that because he made dessert-stuff) made apple crumb and it finished really late at night, which was perfect because I got home from driving really late at night and he wanted something for that time. He doesn't often bake/cook, but you wouldn't have been able to tell that. He used the apple crumb recipe from the There's a Chef in my Soup recipe book by Emeril Lagasse.


Then he made it again for our family dinner. It came out just as good as the first time, though he doubled the crumb topping and we had heavy whipped cream this time. (I really like the whipped cream in the aerosol cans and not the whipped topping that you have to spoon on tope of desserts. But frozen whipped topping tastes really great, like an airier ice cream of sorts.)

Here are some action shots of my brother serving the apple crumb:

Here's a sub-par picture of my bowl of apple crumb, and it really shows my "flippin" camera skillz because this picture whomps and does absolutely no justice to the talents of my aforementioned awesome brother who was kind enough to feed me sugary substances with apple filling that goes great with black juice. I mean, coffee, it goes great with coffee. I imagine it also pairs well with black tea with honey and milk. And he didn't feed me, he gave me food so I could feed myself.

**Running Update**

It's going well, I ran twice without ralking, thought the latter time (today) wasn't as nice as yesterday's. I'm not running or anything tomorrow, i.e. it's a rest day with some easy yoga. Wednesday is three easy miles at a pace of 10.30-45 per mile.

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  1. Your brother did an amazing job. It looks so yummy! Good job on the running. My aches and pains have started again, so I'm alternating running and ellipticals. It's hard though, not to run. It's such a good overall body workout. Take care of yourself.


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