25 October 2007

Doughnut Excursion of the Christina Kind

Because it didn't start out as a doughnut excursion, it's just what ended up happening. A delightful joy ride, though. This place wasn't near where I live.

What place, you ask? Or didn't ask. Or did you? Yeah, I think you did. If you didn't ask then close this page. Or not, because you'll wish you hadn't when you come back and read it.

And that's where we were headed, Wicks Apple House. It's a delightful place with amazing foodie stuff and a corn maze (the latter is only when the corn isn't dead). Just go to their website.

Since my destination was that of baked goodness, I headed over to the right.

To see a display FILLED with DOUGHNUTS! Which I took a less than stellar blurry picture of so I minimized it in hopes that you would look at it and say, "Wow! What an impressive display of doughnuts!" And not, "Gosh, what a horrid picture. *turns head in disgust -- Napoleon Dynamite-like*"

They had some really neato frosted sugar cookies that I want to show you.

Franken-cookies -- It's like an experiment gone edible

Most people are afraid of bats, but once you eat a bat you'll never be afraid again -- you pwned the bat!

Next I took a picture of their fantastic-looking apple dumplings (the last ones I had were horrid and undercooked, these looked better) alongside their cinnamon rolls.

Then I browsed around a bit while my party purchased the goods. Interesting stuff.

Top to bottom, left to right:
Cider slush, samples of their cider doughnuts
apple cider samples (one per customer), salsa samples (from mild to fiery!!)

What I liked about their cider drinks was that they didn't add any sweeteners, which to me says this: If you start with great apples, you'll end up drinking great apples. Something to that effect. Have you ever bitten into a really crisp, sweet-tart, juicy, cold apple? Imagine that pressed and it's basically the same thing but in liquid form. I drank a sample cup of their apple cider and it was great stuff. Naturally sweet-tart with essences of spices and delightfully chill.

Back at home, I was able to taste all the sweet treats and stuff.

Apple fritter

I didn't really like the apple fritter. I found it to be on the dry side and not as apple-y.

The star of the show and what I really looked forward to were the cider doughnuts. THESE totally trumped the doughnuts from the Blueberry Festival. The outtards were wonderfully golden brown with a slight crisp, the innards featured a fluffy, spongy, soft crumb with a light sweetness and essences of cider-like spices, and NOT greasy. (I was stoked by the sponginess, actually. When I pressed the bottom and top all the way and released, it sprang back!!! That's what excites me, in case you were wondering. What it really means is that it's not overly dense but has a softness to it, while not being fragile.)

This was a bit of their powdered cider doughnut. WOWzorz! I mean, tricked out! I was thrilled by this doughnut, the powdered sugar-cinnamon topping was even and melted in your mouth. It gave the doughnut a sweeter taste without overkill, and a deeper cinnamon flavor.

The next day...

For breakfast I toasted (toaster oven) a blueberry danish (or was it just a blueberry pastry?) to heat it. And also I think it makes it prettier with the brown parts adding color.

Because I thought that nothing could top their doughnuts, I wasn't expecting much here. And THAT, my friend, is what happens when I assume too much. This was excellent, not killingly sweet, a REAL blueberry-tasting filling (unlike the blueberry doughnuts from that past post...), and even flakes of pastry-ness that I didn't do justice to in my picture. But take it from me, this was a lovely buttery pastry dough that transformed into the breakfast of Christina, which filled my tummy with joy because if my stomach had a mouth to speak it would've said, "Grmmmwhgsgfgyommersfjakhfkhsd." (I suppose it's a good think my stomach cannot speak...) I wish they had a delivery service. I wish I lived closer to them. I wish ALL pastries were as good as these are.

My final thoughts summed up: A wonderful array of enticing sweet treats. These are the sort of pastries I prefer, full of flavor without a sore throat-inducing sweetness.

Wicks Apple House
(269) 782-7306

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  1. wow, great blog.

    thanks for commenting, really means a lot (and keeps me going)

    (teenage glutster)

  2. I have to admit that I haven't yet ready any words on your blog other than your profile. I did however just scroll down it and I can already tell I will love it! Great pics of all the foods. Sometimes I wonder whether I eat to run or run to eat. Thanks for the blog and I will be reading - the words this time - in the future!

  3. Javier - Thanks for commenting back. You also have a great blog -- from the little I read that day, it was really interesting!

    Janette - Well, thanks for reading anyway! Your avatar, is it for a marathon? Always nice to meet a fellow runner. :)

  4. Hmm....it's a good thing I don't live near that bakery. Everything looks so good!


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