28 April 2012

that's all, folks.

Well, turns out that I injured myself. I seem to have strained my soleus on the left leg. My foot still hurts, too. Unfortunately, this means Pittsburgh is out, which I'm pretty bummed (har har) about because I really thought I could do well. My hope is that my leg will heal in a few weeks and I might be able to salvage the Sunburst half. I'll cycle and do yoga (when it's okay to stretch again) in the meantime.

Why did this happen? I have a few reasons.

- I probably should have given myself a solid six months of just running before training for anything more than a 5k.

- Maybe the yoga isn't enough and I should find a way to work with weights.

- I should stretch more.

- Perhaps I should be wearing a more cushioned shoe, especially one for slight pronation problems.

I'm sure I can think of more reasons why I failed. But, I'm not too upset because it could have been worse. I can still bear weight on my leg and walk normally. Sometimes when I press too hard on my forefoot pain shoots up my leg, so depending on how it feels that day I don't flex my foot completely when walking. Currently, I'm icing, and wearing a compression sleeve for a few hours a day.

So, that's about all. I'm still going to Pittsburgh because the room and everything is already set up, though it's going to pain me not to be able to run it. A part of me thinks I still can, but I know that's dumb.


  1. I hopes it's something that can be addressed with rest and then finding the culprit(s) such as what you speculated above: ill-fitting shoes, inadequate warming-up, stretching, strength training, etc.

  2. Thanks, Jogger. It actually feels a lot better now, so perhaps I overreacted.

  3. Oh nooo! This is terrible news! I'm hoping you get better soon. Will you still be running the 5K in Chicago?

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  9. Take care of yourself. Delusions are very clever. Change is always scary (for me it is). Heck I was all stressed when I was having the health issues and I made myself even more sick.

  10. Change is never easy, but it is the only constant in life! Just like here


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