19 April 2010

chocolate chip and pecan scones

chocolate chip and pecan scones

Scones always make breakfast seem a bit more special. Essentially, it's not entirely different than eating a fancy muffin for breakfast, but I think scones are more fun to make, and I like the texture.

I liked this particular recipe because it had chocolate chips, and last night I decided that breakfast needs chocolate and so that's what I had to have. Also, these scones seemed a bit lighter, as there are only 6 tablespoons of butter for the entire recipe, and my batch made 12 drop scones. They also use buttermilk, which I think imparts a better flavor than using cream.

chocolate chip and pecan scones

With chocolate, pecans (which I added at the last minutes -- next time I'd toast them first), and a bit of lemon (that helped to brighten the scone more than give it a burst of lemony flavor), the taste was really delicious. The scone itself was moist and soft. Not as flaky as other scones, but that was okay. These weren't heavy at all, and for a breakfast scone I prefer that over one that sits like a rock in the pit of your stomach. Unfortunately, these scones, even stale, would not work to keep in your purse or backpack to throw at anyone attacking you, or taking your shopping cart, or getting to the back of the line before you, but sometimes you have to sacrifice taste for weaponry. If you left the chocolate out, though, you could take one on a run to throw at a dog who starts chasing you.

I only made one small change to the original recipe by using the whole egg instead of just the yolk, purely out of laziness. The extra liquid wasn't a big concern since I was going to scoop these out instead of patting the dough to make shapes. I might just decrease a few tablespoons of the buttermilk if I wanted to shape them, though.

chocolate chip and pecan scones

The recipe can be found at my new favorite blog, The Food Librarian.

Chocolate Chip Drop Scones


  1. Looks like a cookie/muffin hybrid.

  2. The scones look great. Could the choco chips be substituted for peanut butter chips. I cant do the choco chips. What do you think ?

  3. This is a comment about the 'running' part of the running foodie.

    If you had ran another 2/10ths of a mile, you most likely would have ran your fastest 10k ever!

  4. Yum! I love scones, especially the "drop" kind. (Which is stupid because the shape has no bearing on the taste.)

  5. So delighted you made these! They look perfect! - mary the food librarian


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