19 April 2010

Blog Award

Last week, Lazaro Cooks! won their first blog award, the Sunshine Award. Congrats on your first blogger award! If you haven't read their blog yet, go do so. They have really delicious, flavorful recipes that are perfect if you've gotten in a food rut and need new ideas.

The requirement for receiving the award is to choose 12 blogs you enjoy reading to pass it along to, and they chose She Runs, She Eats as one of them. Thanks! And sorry for taking a while to blog about it.

So now, these aren't the only blogs I enjoy reading, but the ones I currently take great inspiration from, be it food or running.

1. Teenage Glutster -- Dude's got a lot of talent and reading his reviews is the next best thing to being at the restaurant yourself, though you shouldn't read his blog unless you have a snack with you.

2. Sugar Plum -- She's just flat-out inspiring. From her many recipe creations, the food contests she enters and wins, and her dedication to her blog, she's by far one of the best food bloggers out there.

3. MicaPie -- Mica is hilarious. And she's a runner with a great sense about the sport, and I love it.

4. The Sweets Life -- Natalie always blogs about such delicious recipes!

5. Obsessed With Baking -- But it's a good obsession! Steph is a very talented, young food blogger and her talent is incredible.

6. Bo's Bowl -- Bo's blog is another one I turn to when I need fresh ideas in the kitchen. Flavorful, different recipes that are Bon Appetit level.

7. Ambitious Delicious(ness) -- I love Esther's blog! The many Asian recipes she blogs about always make my mouth water, and I love her unique spin on recipes in general. Beautiful pictures!

8. How To Eat A Cupcake -- Who wouldn't love a blog about cupcakes? I do. She also blogs about so much more than cupcakes, and her skill is very apparent. I also love her cupcake polls where she lets us decide the next cupcake she makes. It's almost like I actually get to eat the cupcake!

9. Healthy Exposures -- I cannot decide whether it's Jess' photography or the quality of her food that I like the most about this blog, but her blog is definitely one you should check out.

10. Chew On This -- Laurel has a really fun blog, and right now I see all sorts of things I'd like to eat, like carrot cake. And candied orange peel.

11. Knitter in the Kitchen -- Besides cooking and running, I also enjoy to knit. Caitlyn's blog combines her creations from the needles and the kitchen into one blog, and I really like it! The food she blogs about is equally as fantastic as what she knits. All-around talent, right here.

12. Tri to Cook -- An triathlete, runner, and cook makes for an interesting blog!



  1. Thanks for the blog links!!! I see a couple that I will be checking out for SURE!

  2. Congrats on the award much deserved. I'm sure you will get many more for this great blog. Cheers!

  3. congrats on the award! you totally deserve it!

  4. Congratulations on the award, and thanks for passing it along!

    True story--I just gave YOU a blog award in my last post.

  5. Christina- Thank you so much for the honorable mention!

    Keep doing what you do!

  6. thanks for the award!!! you're too kind :) (I'm a little behind on my google reader...can you tell?!?)


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