30 July 2019

Front Runners LGBT Pride Run 5 Miler Race Report

Here's my belated race report from the Front Runners LGBT Pride Run 5 miler on June 29. Not only were the race shirts snazzy, but the overall atmosphere of the race was exciting and fun.

My one hope for this race was to move up a corral, but I didn't know if that would be possible considering how humid and hot it was that morning.

I also really messed up manual lapping on my watch, so my watch time is about thirty-seconds faster than my actual time of 44:08, and thus, my splits and average pace are all off. I'm not even going to post them.

Even the race bibs are pretty!

In the end, I was excited to find that my time of 44:08 came out to an 8:49 pace, which, when converted to a 10k pace, is 8:56, putting me into corral G! 

Realistically, given the heat and that my running has been sporadic, I don't expect to do much for the next three August races but finish. The next race is a 7 miler, which I am not in shape to race, the following is a 12-miler training run, which I will run-walk or something, and the last August race is a 1.5 miler that NYRR added as a 9+1 race. I may be able to pull off a quick time there, but it'll be hard to do anything spectacular enough to move up to corral F. 


Also, this was the first race that included the Harlem Hill in the course, and it hurt. The rainbow popsicles were much appreciated.


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