13 March 2014

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Yet again, all has been quiet on the running front around here. It's taken me a while to get back in the groove. Actually, it's taken me quite a while to build up any motivation to train, or even just run. Finally, three weeks ago, I decided that if it didn't happen then, it would just get easier to slack off (and I felt so judged after those "body at rest tend to stay at rest" commercials). I timed it just right, as I got to run during the recent warm spell. Also, I registered for the Sunburst Half Marathon (previous race reports can be found in the RR tab) and my younger brother will be running the 5k.

The first week was rough, as you could imagine. My pace was just under eleven minute miles, but my goal was to run at least four times a week however slowly I needed to go to complete four miles. This "plan" has worked well for me in the past (when I've slacked off and needed to quickly get back to it) and hopefully will continue to do so. After the first couple runs, though, my body started adjusting, even remembering what my old slow pace was. I'm not quite back to my usual nine minute mile slow pace, but after another two weeks I think I'll be alright. If all goes well, I'll get a 20-mile week after Sunday's run, which will be most encouraging.

My goal for this half marathon is to train to complete. It would be ridiculous to make this a goal race. I'll likely legitimately train for a half marathon in the fall and use that as a goal race, with maybe a 10k or two thrown in between.

So be on the lookout for biweekly running updates. I'll include a weekly training update on Mondays, aka rest days, and a mid-week running thoughts post on Wednesday or Thursday.

#SpartanUp in 2014
About that giveaway. Although I've never participated in a Spartan Race myself, I figured some of you guys have and would appreciate an entry giveaway. I was informed about the upcoming Spartan Races in Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, North Carolina, and was asked to share that information with you. If you're in any of cities and are interested in registering, click the link to receive 15% off.

To enter the giveaway, comment below and tell me about your running or workout plans - are you training for a race? Going on a big hike? Whatever you're doing, I want to hear about it. I will pick the winner on Friday and email you the code for one free entry to any Spartan Race.

**Winner has been chosen!**

Congrats to Ben Keil!


  1. Welcome back, darling. I love, love, love the goals that you have. Completing at any pace is such a fun and free idea!

  2. right now my running goals are just to increase in mileage and do a long run every weekend. last weekend i ran 6 miles. good place to start!

  3. I'm currently training (or lack thereof) for an upcoming 5K, and then after that I'm going to get serious about training for a Spartan Race in the fall. I've got a ways to go...

    sethrich AT hotmail DOT com

  4. I'm currently training for my fist 60K trail race in June. I admit, I am a little nervous. I'll be utilizing a walk/run interval for the first time. I hope to finish in 6 hours or less.

  5. Right now I'm not training for a specific race, but I am upping my running mileage. I also am weight lifting more. I did a Spartan Race last year and it was tough but good. I want to do another.

    1. This was my comment- not sure why it said 'unknown'.

      ben.todd.keil at gmail

  6. Yay for getting back into it! It is always so hard when you start off, but you'll get back to your old self!


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