02 January 2014

Products I Enjoy

Disclosure: I received these products to review last year. I like them and want to share them with you. I was not otherwise compensated for my opinions.

Pyramid Mountain Hike
Happy New Year, guys! I hope you all had a great time ringing in the new year. I didn't go out, though I cooked up a feast (ribs, pinto beans, jalapeno poppers, homemade tortillas, and guacamole) and watched the Twilight Zone marathon.

Although I haven't been running much (I haven't given it up), I have been semi-active. Or a quarter-active. I went hiking the other day, an activity I greatly enjoy. I'm standing next to Tripod Rock on the Pyramid Mountain hike! I hope to increase my hiking this year and go on some longer hikes.

A long long time ago, I received these products to review. Mostly out of laziness (for which I apologize to the companies), I didn't put them up, but I kept the pictures because they were products I enjoyed and want to share with everyone.

Hoo Rag Seamless Bandana
First up is the Hoo Rag Seamless Bandana. What I like about this product is that it can be worn multiple ways, as demonstrated. I like wearing it as a neck gaiter, since my neck is often exposed and it bothers me. It can also be worn as a headband, or folded to create a beanie in case you misplaced your actual beanie. It's lightweight and not great for super cold or windy weather, but when it's in the 30s or above, or not very windy, it's the perfect weight. In the summer, you can wrap it around your wrist and use it as a sweatband to wipe sweat off your eyes. There are even more ways to style it, as demonstrated in this video. Hoo Rags start at $15.

Pur Pak
Next up is Pur Pak single serve daily supplements that contain electrolytes. A long time ago during the summer, I would take vitamin C drink packs before a run in warm weather, and I did the same with these. I lose a lot of sweat when I run and drinking extra electrolytes before going out seem to help me not fade as badly. Also, if you hate traditional pill vitamins, Pur Pak is a tasty way to drink your vitamins. Tangy Berry and Super Green were my favorite flavors.

Cheetah Chews
Cheetah Chews
Finally, we have Cheetah Chews, a natural chewy chocolate supplement containing caffeine from green tea and guarana, and B vitamins. I took these whenever I needed an extra pep in my step and really liked the chewy texture and dark chocolate flavor.

Cascadian Farm Birthday Pack
And, Cascadian Farm sent me a birthday pack! They sent me a pack a long time ago, too, though I'm not sure I mentioned it. They sent me another t-shirt, which I love. I wear it hiking because it fits well and is so soft. Another water bottle (I use the last one they send me all the time, and the convenience of carrying around a water bottle has helped me drink more water) with a cool Cascadian Farm logo, a tote bag, and a box of peanut butter granola bars. I love their bars and would eat them as a post run snack with hot cocoa. Thank you for the surprise, Cascadian Farms!

Let me know what products you like, as I'm always trying new ones. Energy gel recommendations are greatly appreciated as the brand I like (CarbBoom) is going extinct. BOO.


  1. <3 Hiking! I bet there are tons of amazing spots around y'all. I think we will find something near Wisconsin this summer (since we probably won't find anything near where we live, lol). Also, that bandanna is awesome!

    I'm always looking for the guts (literally) to brave a new gel. I have a spring marathon coming up and would definitely be interested in any recommendations!

  2. Really cool stuff--stuff I wouldn't normally hear about were it not for this post. I think I'll try the hat. Any idea where the products can be found locally? (Not C. Farms as I know where to find those! YUM! I agree! But, it would be nice if I could buy their t-shirt if it's as soft as you say.)

    1. As far as I know, Pur Pak, Hoo Rag, and Cheetah Chews can only be purchased online (unless you live in CO, then you may be able to locate the chews in a few select places - check their website). C. Farms shirts are from American Apparel, though AA doesn't carry shirts with the C. Farm logo.


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