25 September 2013

Sponsored: Stouffer's Satisfying Skillets #Dinner4Two

Stouffers Satisfying Skillets #Dinner4Two #shop
Let's pretend it's Friday, you're hungry and in need of dinner. You don't necessarily want to go out to eat, but you would like to have a tasty meal with your "significant other". (You're probably asking me what kind of boring person would prefer to stay in than go out -- all I can say is, eating out can be kinda stressful and expensive.) Your choices are to either order takeout, or seek out a tasty meal from the grocery store. Usually when I opt for the latter, I look for food that can be prepared quickly and still tastes good. That is how I envisioned Stouffer's Satisfying Skillets playing in to one of my weekday meals. I set out to Walmart in search of the item - which terrified me because I hadn't been to that part of town before and I was driving a manual.

Stouffer's Satisfying Skillets is a new line of preservative-free frozen meals. Although these meals contain 20% more than some of Stouffer's other meals, it's really only enough for two servings - perfect for an impromptu date night.

Stouffer's Satisfying Skillets #Dinner4Two #shop
Thankfully, I made it to and from Walmart and the frozen food aisle safely and was able to locate the food. From the flavors available, I chose the braised beef & roasted red potatoes which also contain "select" cuts of green and yellow beans. Inside the bag, there are what appear to be chunks of carrots, but I realized those were the sauce pellets that form the creamy gravy. Since I haven't had pot roast or stew in a long time and because the weather is beginning to cool, the heartiness of this meal (I'm all about the beef!) appealed to me the most.

Stouffer's Satisfying Skillets #Dinner4Two #shop
The meal takes just 20 minutes to cook and doesn't require any additional ingredients (except for oil). The vegetables are very crisp, the potatoes aren't mealy, and the chunks of beef are heartier than I expected it to be. Typically, pre-made, frozen meals are very salty, but I felt that this was very evenly flavored.

If I made this again, I would pair the meal with an additional starch, such as egg noodles or garlic bread. It wasn't entirely filling on its own, though it is an excellent platform for a quick dinner, especially at $5.98.

Stouffer's Satisfying Skillets #Dinner4Two #shop

To see my trip to Walmart, take a look at my Google+ album.


  1. I know my husband would love this braised beef and potatoes skillet, love how easy it is to make! #client

  2. Nice clean plating! Looks yummy! Thanks for your participation in this campaign. #client


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