30 July 2012

Family Night with Kroger

Family Fun Night with Kroger's

I received this BzzKit from BzzAgent filled with goodies from Kroger. The instructions were to use the food for a family night or other such group thing, so I took my coupons to the store and picked up some fun food, along with a few extras not included in the kit, like an additional pizza and avocados for a layered dip.

Family Fun Night with Kroger's

The pizza is one of those self-rising kind. I used to be obsessed with these before I began making my own, though I still enjoy eating thick crust pizzas every now and again. We chopped some olives as an additional topping and put sliced zucchini on the plain cheese pizza (making us officially white people, according to my brother). I'd suggest cooking these for a few minutes longer than the directions state as these came out a little undercooked and gummy.

Family Fun Night with Kroger's

Here is the spread. My BzzKit included Kroger brand tortilla cups, frozen fruit bars, and a pizza (along with coupons that I gave to my mom to pass out). I made the layered dip to add more variety. I also had a zero-calorie vitamin-enhanced water that wasn't pictured.

Although the pizza was a tad undercooked, we still thought it tasted pretty good as far as frozen pizzas go. The chips were a bit crushed because the box they came in wasn't padded, but weren't anything special. My favorite was the fruit bars. Ice cream gets sticky and heavy, so my preference for a cold summer treat is fruit bars. Name brands can be expensive if I can't find them on sale so now I have an alternative. Six bars are in each box and they're not too high in calories either (I mean, it's a treat, and if I eat them often I don't want them to be any higher). The vitamin-enhanced water was good, too. The flavor I got was mango-melon and it had a nice, refreshing taste. It was sweetened with stevia instead of an artificial sweetener, but it had a little bit of an after taste. I drank it in sips so it wasn't too bad.

We ate all this while watching Master Chef, because you cannot help but be hungry while watching the Flavor Elevator attempt to win his way back into the Master Chef kitchen.

Thank you, Kroger and BzzAgent!



  1. Did you change this entry's title?

    1. No, why? I edited the last post's title because I hit publish before adding the title, though.

    2. Last night, the title I saw was "Family Fun Night with Kroger's."

    3. I'm not sure how you saw the title last night when I published it today, creep.

      But the captions for the pictures are "family fun night..." because I didn't realize "fun" wasn't part of the title BzzAgent sent. I won't comment on that, har har.

  2. Fun! I want to come over to your house.

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