06 December 2011

Upcoming Wayfair.com Review

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of gingerbread updates, but things got pretty intense and down to the wire. We got it finished and brought it over to the College Football Hall of Fame, where it awaits the judges. I'll get those posts up soon.

In the meantime, Wayfair.com contacted me about a possible review. Wayfair used to be CSN Stores, though they recently changed. Their quality and quantity of merchandise has not changed, as they continue to be a one stop shopping experience with products ranging from kitchen appliances, kitchen rugs, furniture, and more.

I have an idea of what I'll select to review. It'll make for a great new series of posts, especially for those of you who find cooking to take too long. It's not a new method, but it's a method I'm new to and hopefully it'll be beneficial to some of you.

Can't wait to share it!

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