26 March 2010

green monster

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Green Monster

No, I'm not talking about something hiding in your nose when you're sick, or that mysteriously hidden bush of poison ivy you didn't notice until you climbed right middle of it. Or that Jolly Green Guy hiding behind the packs of frozen vegetables in the supermarket. I'm talking about a smoothie that's called Green Monster because of spinach. Really, I think the name sticks no matter what edible green you use, and I've seen the use of kale and other stuff. So far I've just been using baby spinach because it's the easiest for me to get.

I believe that I first saw GM's on Caitlin's blog, Healthy Tipping Point, when she talked about how much she enjoyed them and the burst of energy she got after drinking it. Green is my favorite color, so i couldn't resist.

Green Monster

Now before you get all, "EWWWW, I hate spinach!" on me, let me tell you that if this is due to an unfortunate occurrence during your youth, it probably wasn't being served in an appetizing manner. (Yes, go ahead and blame your parents for this one.) Secondly, baby spinach has a less intense taste than regular spinach, and unless I'm using frozen (which I would NEVER do for this -- the point is to consume raw greens) all the raw spinach I eat is of the baby variety. I also suggest you make a shake using spinach. While there's a very faint taste, the sweetness from the fruits you add to the smoothie diminish the flavor. Also again, if you let the blender run for a while all the spinach is pretty pulverized and not noticeable.

Since warmer weather is fast approaching, I usually enjoy a smoothie post-run. I've been playing around with different add-ins, both fruit and liquid, and today I'll share with you the one that came out the best. Measurements are unfortunately not exact because I was just adding stuff as I felt like it.

P.S., I also call this my alternative shamrock shake. It's not minty at all, though I bet you could add some mint leaves and you'd be all set.

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green monster, take one
Recipe by Christina Provo

Makes two servings, or 3-4 smaller servings

ingredients ~
2 cups raw baby spinach
1 cup soy or almond milk (use vanilla flavored to hide the spinach taste if this is an issue)
1/2 cup water
a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt
1 unpeeled Granny Smith apple, cored and cut into chunks
1 banana, peeled
1 packet Stevia In the Raw

directions ~
  1. Place spinach, milk, water, and yogurt in a blender. Cover lid and blend for thirty seconds. Add in apple and banana, cover, and let blend for a bit until smoothie looks even in texture and there are no discernible spinach leaf chunks. Finally, add stevia packet and blend to combine.

  2. Pour into cups and enjoy.



  1. Jack Byrnes: Well they say geniuses pick green.

  2. If I use a green banana do I have to peel it?

  3. I understand some personages of the Chelonian persuasion are wholly incapable of peeling bananas.

  4. I read from the person who created them (she blogs on OhSheGlows, I believe?) that cooking the spinach actually helps you to digest the iron and calcium better. I haven't tried it, yet.. but just wanted to add that the raw thing is not necessarily true!

  5. Jogger ~ And I'm known as a genius.

    D ~ Disgusting, Dad. Just terrible.

    Greg ~ They try their best, they really do.

    Stephanie ~ I've definitely read that the nutrients in some vegetables are more easily absorbed when cooked versus others, but I'm not sure if I've heard that about spinach. It is good because I cook with spinach often. As for cooked spinach in the smoothie... I'm going to admit that I'm not ready for that taste yet!

  6. I've always loved the Bolthouse Farms green juice but never been courageous enough to try my hand at a home-smoothie version. This looks delicious -- but quite honestly, I think I'd add some more green! Wheatgrass, maybe? And then probably another tart ingredient to balance out the green...

    I feel like this smoothie could turn into a "Give a mouse a cookie" situation -- add more green, add more fruit, infinite regression occurs. Hm.

  7. green monster! hahaha... i like it!

  8. Thank you for posting a green smoothie that doesn't have avocado in it! I can't stand it, so I tried adding spinach to my berry smoothie. Brown smoothie is not appealing...

  9. Try using an avocado in place of banana. I also usually throw in a hunk of ginger which I don't peel.

    soooo yummy!

  10. Good idea for the smoothie. Gonna give it a go. Have a great day!

  11. If earthbound Chelonians want a banana they would have to gnaw through the skin. TMNT can peel them. The rest have Xray vision, so they dont need to peel the banana. lol

  12. I've been having green smoothies for years and I just love them. I remember I was so hesitant to try one in the beginning, but you can't taste the green at all, but even if you do its not bad. I usually use a banana, greens and frozen fruit, taste great.

  13. I need to try making a GM! I think I would like them. I have a bag of spinach waiting for me in the fridge.


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