01 December 2009

Hostess Giant Orange Cupcake Birthday Cake

pastry cream

My mom's request for her birthday this year (earlier in November; yes, I'm behind; Happy Thanksgiving!) was for a giant Hostess Orange Cupcake cake.

sticks of butter

I settled on a yellow cake recipe from Nick Malgieri, a vanilla pastry cream buttercream, and orange marshmallow fondant to cover the cake. This butter is for the frosting; the butter gets whipped, the pastry cream is slowly added. I liked the frosting, but at room temperature it wasn't as sturdy as a Swiss meringue buttercream, or even a regular buttercream. It did have more of the texture and taste of the vanilla filling the regular snack cakes have, though there's room for improvement.

orange marshmallow fondant

If you don't like fondant, I urge you to try marshmallow fondant. In fact, I will pester you until you do. Not only is it incredibly simple, but so tasty that you'll want to pinch pieces off and eat it. The bad part is that I broke my hand held mixer because I continued to use it instead of using a giant wooden spoon once I realized it might be too thick. But now you know that it's possible to mix it by hand! At a certain point I began kneading the fondant and it was all really easy. I added the flavoring (orange oil) and food color (orange, obviously) after the marshmallows were melted.

covered cake

Easy to roll out with a bit of confectioners' sugar to keep the fondant from sticking to the surface. I quickly realized that I should have halved the recipe; even now, a few weeks layer, half of the fondant remains.


And here we are, a giant Hostess Orange Cupcake, complete with the squiggly line across the top.

cake on platter

The cake was a hit, and Mom was very pleased! We decided the coating should probably be an orange white chocolate ganache next time, but none of us picked the marshmallow fondant off the cake.

Happy Birthday!


  1. I want this one for my birthday too. btw I changed my b-day to day after tomorrow

  2. TOO FREAKING COOL!! Happy belated birthday to your mom and Thanksgiving to you :)

  3. My brother loves those cupcakes. I might have to snag your recipe for his birthday next summer. It looks delicious. :)

    Jackie @ TritoLose

  4. that looks awesome!! hope mom had a great birthday :)

  5. That's a great cake! I hope your Mom had a happy birthday!

  6. Wow! Your cake looks amazing! I love the color! Defintiely going to have to try the marshmellow fondant! Great job...bet it was delicious.

  7. Your dad is hilarious!

    Happy birthday to your mom!

    I must try the marshmallow fondant recipe! I love fondant but not the taste...this is very exciting!thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow, that's awesome! And I love that your mom requested a "giant orange Hostess cupcake"!!

    I've never played around with fondant before but that looks like such a good idea!!


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  10. What a great daughter you are! That cake sounds scrumptious, yet challenging to make.

  11. A detailed recipe would be nice.


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