05 September 2009

upcoming review: pizzelles or pigeons

Coming up is my very first product review. I was contacted by Khara, a representative from Wayfair, about linking up with their site. Wayfair Stores is a US online retailer with sub-shops for home and retail, and recently began selling to residents in Canada and the United Kingdom. What I didn't know of at the beginning was the community work Wayfair is involved with, and whenever I hear of a company who uses their own resources to help others it always gives me a smile.
Two of their online stores, JustWineRacks.com pertains specifically to the foodie community with their wide array of offerings for the kitchen. From baking appliances to knives, kitchen gadgets to coffee makers and everything in between, and a great selection of wine racks to fit your kitchen scheme and price range, you can't help spending a few minutes browsing their offerings like a kid in Toys 'R Us. Many different brands and products to choose from makes it a snap to find precisely what you need or want.

I chose a pizzelle maker. Why? At first it seemed like a novelty appliance, something I may not use very often, then I started thinking of the multitude of ways a crispy shell would up the wow factor of a recipe, both savory and sweet. In the end, the pizzelle maker won out for the ability to expand my horizons in the kitchen and add a new twist to appetizers and such. My mom pointed out that if anyone doesn't like pizzelles, you can use them in place of clay pigeons for skeet shooting, so everybody's a winner!

Stay tuned, readers.


  1. Oooh, a pizzelle maker!! Awesome :) Can't wait for the review!!

  2. I feel as if I had influence on this decision :)


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