18 June 2012


A day in Chicago.

I spent most of the day in Chicago on Thursday with my brother and Mom. We initially went to race the Jim Gibbons 5k, only since I hadn't been running it was just my brother racing this time.

A day in Chicago.

Before the race, I met up with Sugar Plum (in real life, I called her Emily) for a cupcake at Molly's Cupcakes. At a mere two dollars for a standard cupcake, it's the best priced 'cake around. What I like about Molly's is that you can choose your own frosting. I ordered a red velvet with brown butter frosting. They also have a sprinkle bar and free water!

And games, for the kids. Sugar Plum and I were stared down by a little girl with wearing face paint. At one point, she was eying Emily's ice cream...

The cupcake was nice and moist with a hint of tanginess. I loved the frosting, though it was rather sweet.

A day in Chicago.

During our goodbyes, we took a picture for proof. (Just call me the shadow lady from Seinfeld, why don't you.) Then, my family and I made our way to Lincoln Park for the race.

A day in Chicago.

Here is my brother finishing the 5k. Look at his epic hair.

A day in Chicago.
A day in Chicago.

Post-race air show. I'm surprised I managed to take the camera out in time to snap a few shots.

Then we ate dinner, but I didn't take any pictures of that.


  1. Replies
    1. It would have been more awesome had it been a venue for the Olympics.

  2. You didn't take pictures of your dinner!? Oh man, I hope it wasn't terrible. You can be honest with me. I've been there twice, and both times it was good. I got the same thing both times - the Milanese.

    It was nice meeting you! Your hair looks aweseome!

    1. Other than the old, uncooked potatoes in the soup, everything else was amazing. I didn't take pictures because I was tired and it was too noisy.

      Thanks! It was great to meet you!

  3. how fun that you got to see emily! i was recently in chicago too--haven't tried any cupcakes whenever i'm there though!


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