28 January 2008

Daring Bakers and the Lemon Meringue Pie

There is no good month to miss when you're a part of the Daring Bakers. This month's challenge looked to be a fun one, but I wasn't able to fit it in. That doesn't stop you from seeing how the other DBers did on the challenge, though!


  1. I missed it this month, too :( But all the pies I am seeing around are so pretty! Next month we shall conquer again :D

  2. Sorry Christina that you were not able to participate. I hope all is well!

  3. Oh Christina, I'm sorry you weren't able to participate this month but thanks for still stopping by all our blogs! See you next month for sure!!

  4. I didn't make it either but will have a go soon.

  5. Sorry you couldn't make your challenge but there's always next time.

    Love your blog - your photos are great!

  6. Hope to see you next month at the DBs!


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